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Over a period of time God spoke to Nigel and Nicky Langford, Founders of HUB Movement, about planting a church into North East London. In January 2014 it seemed to pick up pace and over the next six months God spoke really clearly on a number of occasions. One night in January 2014 Nigel was looking at Google maps and found Woodford zooming out at him. It had been a long day but still this was quite impacting. Just a few weeks later when watching the TV they were asking God about whether Woodford was the right area. On that particular day there was a tube strike and the reporter was stationed at South Woodford underground station. It started to feel more than a coincidence.

September 13th 2014 Nigel and Nicky were travelling on the central line into London. As they chatted and wondered if God was really leading them to Woodford they noticed that the tube station for Woodford on the map was huge!

It continued this way and so Nigel & Nicky went to the Senior Leaders of their church in Chelmsford and shared their hearts. It resonated and so they intentionally moved toward being sent. In April 2015 and over the summer period a team of people along with the Langford’s moved up to South Woodford starting the first HUB in their lounge. In October 2015 Hub Church was commissioned to begin as a church plant. 

As time is elapsing more and more HUBs are multiplying and that is how we see the church growing into whatever plans and purposes God has for us in the London area. We are convinced that when people meet Jesus the course of their lives and the course of history can and will change.




We believe in God our everlasting Father, who creates all things.


We believe that there is no one greater, He is God Almighty.


We believe that through His Holy Spirit, the Son of God, Jesus Christ was conceived.


We believe He lived a life without sin and was the complete and perfect reflection of God to all people.  


We believe He is our judge and our defender.


We believe that He suffered and was crucified.


We believe that through His life, death and resurrection we find true forgiveness and life.


We believe He descended into darkness and broke the power of death, rising into glorious life and is forever seated at the right hand of the Father.


We believe that there is ULTIMATE power in the name of Jesus. There is no name that is higher.


We believe in the Holy Spirit, who leads the church and reveals the heart of the father for the world.


We believe the Holy Spirit gives gifts, equips and empowers. His presence transforms and brings purpose to life. 

We believe our God is three persons in one.

We believe in life eternal, in the virgin birth, in the communion of saints and in the Holy Church.

We believe the Church is the plan that God has to extend his rule and reign on the earth until Jesus returns.

We believe in the resurrection on the last day and that we will all rise again.

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